Olly Hicks presents ‘Kayaking from Greenland to Scotland’

Olly Hicks presents ‘Kayaking from Greenland to Scotland’

Lothian Sea Kayak Club are delighted to host an evening reliving the latest expedition of explorers Olly Hicks and George Bullard – The Greenland to Scotland Challenge

Hear about the 1,500 mile kayak expedition from Greenland to Scotland to prove the legend that the Inuit may have found their way in Scotland in the 18th Century.

The evening will take a look at the history of improbable voyages in small craft, the history of the legend and a first hand, fresh account of what it took to make this world first, ocean crossing in such a tiny craft.

Come along to experience this incredible adventure through some of the world’s most tempestuous and mystical seas.

Olly will deliver an evening of entertainment brought to life through stories, slides and video clips and a Q&A session .

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