Aberdour Evening Paddle Trip Report: Wednesday 2nd May

Aberdour Evening Paddle Trip Report: Wednesday 2nd May
Launch: Sunny Aberdour. 1830 on the dot.
Punters: Andrew, Jane, Charles, Me.
Additional Punter: Like an apparition from the waves  … see below.
Direction Of Travel: West up to the terminal, then across to Inchcolm and back.
Conditions: Windy … choppy … more choppy … then unpredicatable choppy … and then that kind of choppy where you think you might fall in.
People Who Fell In: Actually, nil. Yep, not even me, miracle of miracles!
Apparitions From The Waves: Not that Caspar David Freidrich ever painted kayakers … but if he had, I feel he would have painted something resembling the heroic Richard Young (who launched from South Queensferry) battling through the waves to meet us. See this link for one of Freidrich’s most famous paintings …
… “suggesting at once mastery over a landscape and the insignificance of the individual within it”
… it’s surely one of the Romantic greats … but just picture the protagonist instead facing towards us, add a PFD over that dapper walking suit, sit him down in a shiny red and white Tiderace Pace in a million waves with an ‘I am invincible’ look on his face … and you pretty much have Richard Young as he paddled towards us; that man is a hero!!
Maiden Voyages (part 1): Jane was paddling her recent acquisition … a yellow Orion with the engraving ‘Tsunami’ on the front; I’m not sure if that’s meant to reflect Janes paddling style or not … she did actually bump me a couple of times but I didn’t like to say. Incidentally Jane has discovered an excellent way of storing her kayak that takes away all the faff of getting it on and off the car, etc, etc. She just leaves it on the car … all week … she says it still goes under the Morrisons height barrier and everything.*
Maiden Voyages (part 2): Richard Youngs boat for May, the afore mentioned red and white Tiderace Pace … with a rudder because he’s getting on a bit and isn’t quite as good at his turns as he once was.
Stops: Inchcolm, to claim the last few minutes of sun.
Leadership: Thank you to Andrew; you did an excellent job. I thought you instilled great confidence and I felt very looked after. I particulaly liked the laminated map that you gave each of us; a nice touch … even though I was wobbling about too much to read it.
Embarrasing moments: When Charles introduced himself to me I was trying to retrieve a contact lense from the recesses of my left eye. I felt a total idiot. Charles, I do apologise.
Wishlist: A route that gets me from Bruntsfiled to Aberdour during rush hour in under 1h 15 minutes.
Unnecesary Comments: Well, I don’t really want to go into it, Richard … but what’s wrong with having a magnolia coloured Anas Acuta?; I mean who doesn’t want to relive the 1970s??? I like it. Besides, it’s ‘parchment’ not ‘magnolia’
*Jane didn’t actually say that last bit and I apologise in advance for my wreckless artistic license.
Captain Magnolia

Segar Rogers