Bute Circumnavigation 7&8 Apr 18

Three of us joined this trip meeting at Wemyss Bay to share cars on the ferry to Rothesay from where we drove up to Rhubodach (opposite Colintraive). We caught the last of the ebb tide on a clear light wind day heading down the East side past the busy boat repair works and across Rothesay Bay (pausing to edge behind a ferry). Lunch was at the Marquis’s quay at Kerrycroy Bay and at Scoulag Point a lone kayaker just launched from the impressive¬† shore side estate house joined forces chat. As the new boss he gave us a good update on the 90% of Bute and more covered by the estate then headed to Kilchattan whilst we headed round Garroch Point to a good campsite at Stavanan Bay (28km+). The evening turned a bit damp so a fairly early night to get away early Sun on a mirror calm but misty day to lunch at Ettrick Bay and tea from the cafe. The tide turned and gave a slight assist as the sun came out up round the Maids and Buttock Point to head back down past the Burnt Islands to Rhubodach. A leisurely unpack and back variously via Colintraive and Rothesay ferries to Edinburgh before 7pm Sun. Thanks to Martyn for posting and leading.

Graham Bailey