Almost an epic – South Queensferry, 2017 August 26

(by David Towsey)

Fiona McLay and myself decided to take advantage of the suitably bad weather to go a do some rough water rescue practise. I suggested a third person should come along to chase after any stray boats.  Our anchor person volunteer  Alice McInnes fitted that role just fine.

We launched from Longcraig pier to head off to the new bridge as a wee warm up paddle.

The ever grinning Alice suggested we should head to the south pier of the rail bridge after turning from the road bridge.  Alice’s  grin was for a reason.

Pushed along to the rail bridge by a F4/5 SW wind we arrived post haste at the pillar , In front of us was a witches cauldron of boiling broth. The sea was very confused with waves heading off in all directions.

With absolutely no grace Fiona and myself punched through to calmer waters.

Still grinning Alice suggested we should paddle back the way we came. The sea looked even more brothy than before. Not being a gentleman I let Fiona go first,  I am not that daft.

Fiona was being chucked around in the boiling cauldron and was not making any progress, I caught up with her fairly quickly and had to change tack which brought me closer to the pillar. My thoughts at that time were this is going to end badly and it nearly did.

Alice commented I was 95% over then produced the brace of the decade to save the day.

Rod Dalitz