Stonehaven to Arbroath, 19-20 August

Stonehaven to Arbroath camping over night , that was the plan but as usual things were fluid in more way than one. Having been flooded out of Inverbervie campsite we relocated to Johnshaven.

Paddle plan was to paddle all the way to Arbroath from Stonehaven with a wild camp over night  but we went straight to plan B which was Stonehaven to Catterline.

Rob gave the beach brief which was brief , the cost guard got more chat out of Rob then we did.

The main item discussed was a force 4/5  S/W wind , we should be getting some protection from the cliffs.

Having counted heads off we went . Dunottar castle came into view fairly quickly .  Looking very grand from below.

This area of north east coast has dozens of caves of various sizes all good for a wee look in.

We enjoyed a bit of rock hopping on the way  also a bit of light entertainment was had when we managed to talk Fiona into making her way over a ledge, there was only going to be one outcome,  marooned Fiona , she was told high tide was an other half hour so she had to get out of her boat and walk it off.

Lunch was had on a nice 4* beach. Cake was distributed but I think Rob took charge of the remainder!

Many caves explored showers had under water cascading off cliffs  we made our way up to Catterline against a fairly stiff F4.

Car shuttle completed we made our way back to Johnshaven where we mutually agreed showers then evening meal in the very nice Anchor Pub. Jolly good meals very nice nice selection of beers , not one of them alcohol free.  Retreated back to our tents under a star loaded sky off we went to bed   Zebadee. Yes the magic roundabout captain pugwash were all topics off conversation during the evening.


Arbroath to Auchmithie.

The observant amongst will have noted that’s no distance at all your right its all in the journey.

We launched from the light house car park and picked up a stray Fifer ( Ken ) who tagged along .

Again there is a mass of caves and rocks to be enjoyed.

On nearly every headland we had to take a wide berth to avoid fishermen , the cliff paths were busy with walkers and some of the cliffs had climbers.

Just before Lunch Rob was befriended by a wee dog swimming in the sea . This hyper active wee dog belonged to a group of climbers . As it saw Rob approaching it lept off the rocks to greet Rob then tried to follow him out, I think that wee dog could smell the missing cake. Anyway the dog climbed back up the rocks and all ended well

Lunch was had . No cake was distributed because there was none!

After lunch Rob and Derek  decided to return to Arbroath something to do with a stiffening back.   later on the truth was unraveled.

The rest of us carried onto Auchmithie then returned.

I successfully got my self marooned on a rock which appeared out of nowhere . Thank.s Jamie for the rescue.


Derek and Rob had returned early so Rob could buy a pie and Derek cake.

We all decanted to the coffee shop where some people had more cake.


On our first day we came across a couple of children who been making their way along the head land when the tide was out,  They were now stuck as their land bridge had disappeared .Two of the group filled in the gap so that the kids could walk over the boats back to land.

We all had a great time, Thanks Fiona for organising the weekend you even used your professional  skills to organise a flood.

Richard Taylor