Discomfort zone tranining #1 – Sunday 26th November

Discomfort zone tranining #1 – Sunday 26th November

22 of us met at North Berwick and it was flat so we drove back to Prestonpans to find a fairly choppy sea (technical term) with an onshore F5 – perfect conditions really. (David Simpson and I had already checked in out earlier so knew what to expect).

We used the safety provided by the experienced group to get comfortable in the conditions and blow away any  cobwebs, which I think everyone managed. We paddled round in circles: forward, backwards, into the beach and back out, did some rolls and rescues, and generally enjoyed ourselves. After about 2 hours we called it a day.

Cold hands were the biggest issue but most folk managed to stay pretty warm – so well done all.

A small cohort found a coffee and a bacon roll in the local yacht club.

All in all great fun and even better practice.

Chris Morgan