Discomfort zone training #2 – Sunday 1st December

Well – what can I say…

Tantallon Castle, The Bass Rock, Bright Sunshine and… well quite a flat looking sea…You might have wondered if we would struggle to live up to the bill as we launched from Seacliff beach in the company of horses and their riders.

We learnt the rudiments of surfing (small waves), bracing and sometimes not getting knocked over by waves, we played in surf and swell and mini rock gardens. A quick picnic on a secluded beach beneath the castle gave us the opportunity to see the latest in high tech kit to keep warm off the water and the opportunity for a short dialogue with Aberdeen Coastguard testing radio reception. We headed back for high tide bigger waves under the watchful eyes of the afternoon dogs and their walkers. Some of our number showed off their skills surfing backwards (like actually deliberately) and we were reminded of the axiom that the most dangerous thing surfing was someone elses’ boat heading towards you (or you towards it).

Another tremendous outing and a big thank you to David S for organising and orchestrating and all you coaches who gave up your time to share your expertise and enthusiasm to make for an incredibly enjoyable, fun and profitable day on the water !
Andy L

Chris Morgan