Evening paddle Portobello 25 July 2018

Evening paddle Portobello 25 July 2018

Potentially a B/A grade paddle, the sea gods smiled on Graeme, Carol, John, Charles, David, Mary and Ian as they left Portobello beach just after 1900 and headed down the coast past Musselburgh and on towards Prestonpans, meeting a lone SOT as we did so.  The slight onshore waves relaxed until a gentle sea state increasingly prevailed as low water approached.  David and Mary’s double commuted merrily between the kayaks, surely in part due to reduced wind drag on David.

We passed Fisherrow Harbour, identifying other landmarks and distant swans at the mouth of the Esk.  Mindful of our time and the presence of  potentially restless natives, we hove to and stood off the lagoons, forming a snackraft which enabled us to share our provisions and musings on the Gothenburg movement (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothenburg_Public_House_System )

Physically and intellectually refreshed, we turned into the sunset and made for home, sneaking through the swans which by now had made their way out into the Forth – almost as if they were going for an evening paddle before settling down for the night.  Fires on the beachfront at Portobello had clearly been lit in celebration of our safe return.

A very relaxed evening in excellent company.  Thanks to all and especially Graeme both for co-ordinating and, along with Carol, providing the fruit-associated refreshments.

Ian Patterson