Evening paddle Silverknowes 19 July 2018

Evening paddle Silverknowes 19 July 2018

It was no secret that there should have been seven of us, but due in some part to elemental geographical confusion only Alan, Ian, Nick and two Davids set off from Silverknowes beach at 1900, heading towards Inchmickery.  The WSW breeze and the still-rising tide presented us with something rather more than a flat calm but our group held a firm course, passing the island that looks like a battleship whilst watching the Rosyth ferry making its way up the channel.

We continued to the Oxcars light, meeting up with the usual seal gang who hang about on this particular street corner.  Fortunately they were in playful mode, popping up to check us out from all directions.  From there they accompanied us all the way to Inchcolm south beach, chasing our sterns and generally getting in the way in as skilful a manner as possible.

After refreshments on the beach we re-embarked and, escorted from the premises by the seals, headed directly back to Silverknowes as the wind lessened and the tide turned, passing the last of quite a number of puffins we encountered on the trip.  This final pair were an adult plus immature bird (smaller, dark beak – a puffling?)   Perhaps a product of LSKC’s mallow-bashing exploits on The Lamb – but they didn’t stay to offer thanks.  An hour’s paddling saw us back at the beach and off the water at 2150.

Thanks to everyone for paddling tight and to Alan for organising.

Ian Patterson