Milsey Bay Evening Paddle – Tuesday 8th May

Milsey Bay Evening Paddle – Tuesday 8th May

After a hot sunny windless bank holiday weekend, the weather turned just in time for the evening paddle. Even with the cool temperature, windy, and damp forecast 12 people turned up.

Being the organiser, and my first evening paddle in a while, I figured I should be there early, and I actually managed to get away in plenty of time. Imagine my surprise when when driving down the track to Seacliff I saw half a dozen boats on the beach, and a couple of boats in the water already! I had a slight panic, but all was I hadn’t mistaken the time, everyone else was just super-oraganised, and even earlier than me to beat the traffic!

I swiftly got my act together and joined everybody else on the beach. The wind was less than forecast, and the rain looked to be just stopping! After a quick conflab we decided to head off along the coast under Tantallon Castle into the wind. We actually left a good few minutes early!

Off we went – by now the sun was out and into our eyes. I was wishing I hadn’t left my sunglasses in the car… All was reasonably uneventful, at least I didn’t witness any major lumps of gelcoat getting lost! We had one capsize due to a rogue wave about half way along the coast – however Richard managed to roll up with only a minor loss of dignity (the sunglasses and sunhat were recovered shortly afterward).

We stopped at the Leithies to admire the setting sun over the inner Forth (and a snack) before heading back with the wind behind us, arriving back at the beach in the last of the light.

Thanks everyone for coming along!

Chris Morgan