Belhaven Bay – Evening Paddle- Tues 22 May

What a fantastic opportunity to practise and play in the surf! 9 of us gathered and after a very short carry and an even briefer briefing- ie “don’t bump into each other” we headed into the waves. Technically wind blown and short frequency (is that correct) – in reality an absolute blast. Little more exciting than seeing a huge wave behind you going faster than you can, and occasionally catching one and surfing at great speed. Many dookings, and some successful recovery rolls, but still sometimes landed up in the froth – empty kayak, jump in and go play again.  I didn’t pause to take photos, but Dougie had his helmet camera and Graham S must have taken some great shots from the shore so maybe these can be added later, or seen on facebook?

Tip for next time- if we do this again, and we should- it wouldn’t really matter if you arrived a little late as long as you had a mate to help you off the car and onto the water.


Jane McLaren