North Berwick, Saturday 12 May.

My second attempt at this. Did one after the event but must have missed the submit button !!

ANYWAY…. After a rather delayed confirmation of plans, 9 members met on the beach to discuss a trip, then 10 members….then an 11th arrived. It was the astonishing presence that is MA Harper. So after a bit of a rush assistance with her boat etc 11 left the beach heading for the Bass Rock as Simon R had never been before and the rock is an experience not to be missed every time. I never tire of it even after over 30 visits.

En route we had a pre lunch, lunch just before Canty Bay and checked all paddlers were still happy with plans. We also eyed up the many tonnes of sawn timber still lying along the coastline from the tippy ship which lost it load in March off Northumberland.

The Bass was then conquered by Simon and 10 others and it was a stunning experience to be out there with 130,000 Gannets. We had an interesting discussion about non breeders and where they fit in with the old wise birds when they then have to find a space (usually the less favoured spots further down the cliff) until they can get a better spot when others die off. We also discussed whether Gannets have a morning Parliamentary meeting to manage the population and set ground rules. We agreed there must be a rule that only 1 chick per pair is a good idea due to overpopulation!

It was sad to leave the amazing Rock behind but we headed across to Seacliffe for main Lunch with the sunbathers….and became some ourselves.  Again it was hard to leave as the weather was just so perfect for sun worshipping.

At this stage.. not long after High Water, we had excellent conditions to rock hop all the way back to Milsey bay. The team followed me through all sorts of channels and obstacles and did a fine job to not leave gelcoat and plastic behind on the rocks.  All the team worked together and stayed together on this trip and it is still a real pleasure and privilege to be Chair of such a growing and enthusiastic Club. Well Done all and keep up the paddling. We are doing Great.   DAVE.

David Grieve